At some point or the other most people go through trauma in their life. Be it in the form of being left behind, bullied, cheated on or even extreme situations like death and accidents. These incidents can have varying impacts on a person and their extent may depend on how the person reacts to it. So here are a few things you should absolutely avoid doing if you want to overcome a trauma.

Don’t frame yourself to another’s way

The way people respond and deal with traumatic situations is different from one to another. While some might find it best to deal with it straight off like ripping a bandage, others might take time and that is alright. You do not have to compare yourself with another when it comes to overcoming such setbacks. But what matters is that regardless of however long you take, you need to overcome them in a healthy way. Reach out to friends and family talk to them or get professional help through trauma therapy.

Don’t recall it too much

The reason that most people find themselves unable to overcome a traumatic incidence is that they keep recalling it too many times and let it have control over themselves. While completely ignoring it is impossible and unhealthy, it doesn’t help to always keep thinking about it either. This is also only going to end up negatively affecting your nervous system and thus making it harder for you to think clearly. Spend time outside of this event and keep yourself occupied. This way there is a lesser chance of reliving it. However, if you want to overcome this you need to recall these events at depression counselling in Melbourne, so don’t stop yourself there. With the help of such experts you would be able to move on together without having to deal with it on your own!


With a traumatic incidence comes the feelings of pain, hurt and possibility everything else. Trying to ignore these and bury them without talking about it is only going to make the path for recovery harder. In fact the best thing to do about these is to accept them. The next stage of getting over them may be done with professional help or you can always try on your own!

Not working on getting back to that routine

Once you have experienced something really horrible, it is only natural for things to fall out of the routine that you have been used to. But what is important to hold things together is that you develop this routine even afterwards. Sure it might take time to get used to the routine of getting ready for work, managing and cleaning your house and day to day activities, but making an effort to maintain these would keep your mind occupied. And this helps you overcome such issues much better. So try the above tips and overcome any traumatic situation!