Many psychological issues faced by adults seem to stem from believing that they have some defect or an inability to face certain facts or situations. Therapists often discuss factors that some adults face and most often they confirm that their clients seem to be unaware of what it mostly affecting their mental state. This unawareness can cause unnecessary problems. However there are many types of therapy such as trauma counselling Malvern that can help patients understand their past experiences and help them understand how they relate to their present mental state, thus enabling them to better cope. Therapy can help people look at their past and really try to understand some experiences and help to deal with them. Most often it is the painful experiences that cause them issues as most of them will be buried and not talked about. Sometimes there will be issues of self blame and criticisms that are unwanted for. Therapists have identified some main unmet needs in childhood that can really impact adult behaviour and mental state. These needs are mostly related to individuals feeling safe and the environment that helps them to grow up as healthy individuals. They also relate to people that were in their lives when they were growing up and how they satisfied these childhood needs or the lack of it.

Let’s look at some of these needs in a bit more detail.

Lack of loving attachments: just as humans needing food for survival, we need loving bonds and attachments that help us thrive. As children or as young adults, humans crave support and love from their parents or other caregivers around them. A lack of this can be really traumatic for growing up children therefore they learn to address them in different ways such as becoming their own caregivers or becoming too self reliant. They will also begin to shy away from relying on the adults around them and fear building true connections with other humans when they are adults as well. This type of behaviour is seen in romantic relationships they form as adults. Lack of people to aspire to: when growing children lack adults they can aspire to they feel dominated by the surroundings or their peers and feel isolated. We all need a father figure in our lives, someone to aspire to and help us dream and be courageous. But if the adult figure is not a good role model this can backfire creating an individual with no aspirations or direction requiring depression counselling.Lack of positive reflections: in medical terms this is called mirroring. As young children or young adults humans need to feel that they are worthy the attention of the adults around them. Go right here to find out more details.

The adults need to respond to them in a way so that the growing child feels that their actions and interests are worthwhile pursuing thus building a sense of self worth and confidence. When there is a lack of this, children grow up craving attention or approval from others causing issues such as self alienation and lack of self worth. There are many more and these unmet needs care really create issues for humans as adults as they make them frustrated and seemingly unsatisfied and unhappy individuals.