You might be aware of the great benefits that horse related therapy can bring to you. Horse related therapy is known to improve a person’s self-condition and help with their trust and emotion as well. That is not all, horse related therapy is also known to bring about many physical benefits. Most of the time, EAL Sydney is used to treat conditions such as PTSD, mood disorders, to better conditions of movement disorders and so much more. Studies have also shown that spending time with horses will boost up a person’s self-confident, trust and many other factors that is important to their day to day life. Horses are known to be comfort animals that understand human emotion and react to it. Unlike cats and dogs, the bigger size of the horses will have a great effect on humans. If you are planning to get horse related therapy, there are different type of therapy that can be effectively used for different conditions. These are some important information on different types of horse related therapy:

Hippotherapy Guided by Therapists

A type of equine therapy that should be conducted by a physiotherapist, speech or language therapist or an occupational therapist is hippotherapy. In this therapy, the horse will be controlled by the handler and be taken in different directions, cadences and gaits. The changing movements of the horse will bring about different postures in the rider and will be affective in strengthen the muscles of the person who is riding the hose.

Horse Back riding for a Therapeutic Outcome

This is a type of therapy that can be conducted by an instructor. In this therapy, the instructor will teach you how to control the house. This is mostly used in enhancing the conditions of differently abled individuals to improve their balance, wellbeing, muscle ton, posture and coordination. In addition to be taught how to ride the horse, you will also be taught how to work the horse and how to understand the house as well.

Equine Assisted Learning

The greatest type of therapy that can be used to improve feelings of self awareness and also will promote thinking in a refreshed manner is Equine Assisted Learning (EAL). In EAL, the training will be conducted by prioritizing 3 areas which is education, personal development and professional development. Those who take part in EAL are known to gain self-confidence as they will be dealing with large creatures and yes, they will be doing it good. Participants also enhance their nonverbal communication skills as well which would help their day to day life tremendously.